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 The Word

Pray, Repent, Relent
The United States is getting ready to birth a move of God like the world has never seen. Our Nation is experiencing labor pains because of it.  We are experiencing drought in the mid-West; earthquakes on the West Coast, and hurricanes on the East Coast.

Rescue Me
As I was praying, the Lord showed me a vision of how His people are feeling during this economic downturn. In the vision a woman was standing alone inside a jail cell. She was facing the hallway, her hands clenched tightly around the bars.  She was waiting for someone to come and rescue her.

A City Not Forsaken
The current economy has taken our jobs, our finances, etc.  So, where is God in all of this? He is in Heaven looking down upon us, orchestrating the whole thing, and telling us to calm down, to have peace and to trust Him.  Nothing gets past God; He is in control. He knew this economic downturn was coming.

Doing the Will of the Lord
We were created in Jesus' image, and we were created to do what Jesus did.  In fact, it was Jesus, Himself, who said He was sent to do the will of the Lord, and to finish His work. Our heart's desire should be to do the things that please God. When we get stubborn and rebellious and do things our own way, that is when things get messy.

The Remnant
A remnant is an unused scrap of fabric. However, in the bible God's remnant is anything but an unused scrap. In fact, God considers His remnant to be of great important and very precious to Him.

Shaking Heaven and Earth
God is shaking Heaven and Earth; He is trying to get our attention. He wants us to be ready for what is coming next.  Have you ever needed to use your flashlight only to realize there are no batteries in it, or the batteries have expired?  God wants us to be prepared and also fully-charged.

Your Fruit Feeds Other People
Fresh fruit in season is tender to the touch, and sweet to the taste.  Eating apples that are not ripe yet will cause a nasty stomach ache, as well as leave a sour taste in your mouth, which is why it is very important to wait for just the right moment to pick fruit.

Praising While Waiting  by: Carol Burrough
What do you do while waiting for God to answer your prayer? Why, praise Him, of course!  Even in the middle of a hardship?  Yes.  That's the best time to praise Him.  The devil hates praise.  Singing to the Lord in spite of your circumstances causes the enemy to flee.  The Bible says He will join you and inhabit your praise, so now it becomes a duet -- you and God.  Where you felt all alone in your circumstance, you are now no longer alone.

Coming Out of Egypt
This is the first prophetic writing of the New Year. God gave me this message, and a few days later, the same message was preached behind the pulpit by a man of God who also is a prophetic preacher. It was confirmation that this message is what God is telling his prophets to tell His people, and it all starts with Deuteronomy Chapter 9.


Crossing Over Clean
Each year I like to start fresh and not carry old things into the new year.  I clean out drawers, filing cabinets, closets and purge items no longer needed. The past is the past, so it is important to not only remove unwanted papers, but to also shred them. That goes for unpleasant situations that have no bearing on your destiny, as well.

The Calm Before the Storm
In 2011, world events happened at an increasingly steady rate, and they were warning signs from God to get closer to Him. God is trying to get our attention to warn us of the impending economic storm. What should you do to be prepared?


A Letter to the Church
Paul wrote many letters “To the Church” from the years 55–67, A.D. It is 2010 today, and if God were to send Paul to one of His churches now, Paul’s letter would probably sound something like this:

It's Not About Years, It's About Seasons
How many times have you attended a church service on New Year's Eve where the pastor takes the date of the upcoming year and makes it rhyme with a word to express to the congregation how God is going to move for you in that new year? How many times, 364 days later, do you sit there disappointed and in tears because what the pastor promised in his little rhyming scheme never came to pass?

Are You Disillusioned by the Church?
Have you noticed in the news that a lot of churches and ministries are having financial difficulties? God is the one withholding the finances. God is shaking up the finances of His church leaders to get their attention by hitting them where it hurts them the most . . .

Test The Spirits
Many people are going to walk up to you and say, “Thus, sayeth the Lord” . . . or “God told me to tell you to do . . . .” We have to be careful that the information someone gave us is truly from God. Just because a friend gave you the information, or worse yet a church leader, does not automatically mean they were really hearing from God.


So Dad, Santa Claus is Really Jesus, Right?
The week before Christmas, when I was 6, I turned to my dad at dinner and told him I knew who Santa Claus was. My parents were surprised that I had found out so soon. They were even more surprised when I told them that Santa Claus was really Jesus. Since nothing is impossible with God, and no human being could fit down a chimney, it had to be Jesus. Right?



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