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Look forward to 2018 with great expectancy.

The greater the battle, the greater the Anointing !  The greater the battle, the greater the blessing !  God has not forgotten us.  He has been building great endurance in us to be able to withstand the attacks of the enemy.  God has crossed over into 2018 before us, and has prepared our destinies for this new year.  We have been made ready to serve God and to defeat the works of the devil.

The ladies of Cross Creek Bridge are standing in agreement with you in prayer that 2018 will be your best year yet -- A year filled with suddenlies, acceleration and repayment for what the enemy has stolen from you.

Rev. Joanne Dowling

Growing up I suffered from rejection and abandonment issues from being given up for adoption at birth.  It caused me to draw close to God and away from people for fear of further rejection.  I avoided social settings.  I was quiet and always sat in the back of the room in school.  I did, however, love Sunday school.  My mom was one of the teachers.  As a small child the Lord put it on my heart to live in California. That desire never left me, and at the age of 29, leaving all things familiar, I drove to California.

I may have been driving; but God was doing ALL the steering.  Upon my arrival to Los Angeles, I landed a job where a co-worker invited me to church.  The Pastor preached how God loves His children no matter where they come from and that God "never leaves us nor forsakes us." God had been there the whole time protecting me and directing me.  I was walking out the life God planned for me before I was even conceived.  I was not an accident; none of us are.  I was meant to be, and so are you, because we are borne out of God's love.

It's 28 years later, and I am more in love with God than ever before.  God has healed me from childhood hurts, set me free from feelings of abandonment and rejection, and given me an unlimited capacity to love others.  That's a pretty awesome God!  He has taught me who I am, and why I was created.  My heart's desire is you, too, will come to know the God who created you, loves you and has awesome plans for you!


Polina Younany
Polina never misses an opportunity to be in the presence of the Lord.  She loves to pray and intercede for the Nations and its people.  She has the discernment to recognize God's still small voice, and refuses to compromise when it comes to the Word of God.  In fact, Polina is very outspoken on matters that concern God.  She is an end times warrior, and I am proud to have her on my team.  She recognizes the season we are in, and she is a Watchman on the Wall watching for signs of the last days as God reveals them to her.  She knows she is not a pre-tribulation woman, as she sees signs of God preparing her to stand strong right in the middle of the tribulation.

Family relationships are important to her; she is the mother of two grown boys who are near and dear to her heart.   Her desire is to help woman reach their full maturity in the Lord.  She is a General in God's army who stands strong in spite of all the attacks the devil throws at her.  She has compassion for hurting woman and she will often tell you that her heart is burdened by the Lord God for the souls of women.


Vanessa Alexander

My name is Vanessa Alexander.  I am just a woman of life, loving wife, and mother.  My interests consist of dancing, singing and scripture reading of the Holy Bible.  My experiences in life have made me who I am today.  I am persistent, victorious and love life.  I appreciate my Lord Jesus Christ who has clearly accepted me through my good days and bad days.  I have seen the Lord's hand on my life and I am more thankful for the journey.  I know my life will never be in vain because of the truth of the Gospel.  Today I serve at Victorious Living Christian Center under the direction of Danny Diaz.  I am a worship singer in my church choir, and a caretaker in the children's nursery.  I am also a home healthcare provider and a teacher/mother to my son, Solomon.

Cross Creek Bridge Ministries is more than just an idea.  It is a clear vision established to help make women beautiful and to assist in healing them to be made completely whole.  Many visions can establish ideas and gifts, but the vision of Cross Creek Bridge is to birth out and discover new avenues of gifts, talents and resources to be used for the good of all womankind.  Naturally, this vision is bigger than anyone could have imagined.  Today, with so much darkness and distress constantly attacking women and their families, Cross Creek Bridge is here every day to expel the light of hope in women's lives and it will continue to bless their lives for years to come with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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