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 Back it Up . . . With Scripture
In our journey with the Lord, He will walk us through situations He knows we need to go through to strengthen our faith to become the mighty women of God He created us to be.

Sometimes, our situation can cause us to feel overwhelmed.  That is when we need to find a scripture which applies to our situation, and grab on to it; memorizing it, reading it over and over, and believing it.

When God promises to see us through something, He will confirm it and Back it Up . . . with Scripture.

Hang in there.  The answer you need is in God's word.  Holding on to God's Word is the same thing as holding on to God's hand.  He knows you have the strength to endure, that is why He chose you to go through it.  So, in your journey with the Lord know that you will cross that bridge when you come to it, and you will get to the other side victoriously.

Please click on a link below to find the scripture regarding your need:

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